Saturday, March 3, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

I have been having some huge decisions coming into my life lately. Not only are these decisions going to affect me in the future, but I al also dealing with some heavy loads of work. Let me explain!

I have been swamped with school work. I don't know what the problem is with all of this work. I had so much stuff work to do in the past two weeks that limited me to do anything. I mean, I want some time for myself! I don't want to be worrying about readings an x-amount of chapters every night and cooky group projects. It really does weight people down. Adding that into the mix of decisions I have to make makes the whole situation crazy!

One of the decisions I have to decide is about a car. Now I have two main options for a car. Hopefully explaining the situation will allow you readers to give me some insight and feedback on what to do to make my decision a little easier.

Car one: Is a 2002 Tractor. It has about 106,000 miles on it. It is in good shape. There are some scratches and it has been in the shop a quite a few times in the last year, but that was because the amount of usage it got. If I take over, I will not nearly wear it down as it has been getting. The gas millage is about 200-220 miles per tank. It was just filled and it cost $40. It was really low, let me just say. The car would cost me $2,000 and I would have to pay about $70 a month for insurance and then the gas.

Card two: Is a 2007 Suzuki. It is all wheel drive and the milage is about 47,000. It is in great condition. The car gets about 240-250 miles a tank. It gets about the same price as the Tractor. As for the pricing of this car, I would have to pay $2,500 for the car and then take over the monthly payments of $70 for about 3-4 years. I will have to pay insurance, which will be about $100 a month and then the gas. I have my opinion but I am not sure what to actually decide on. Hopefully you guys can help!

One of my toughest things is to grow my financial ability. I have a steady paying job, but there is such a thing to earn more. I really want to earn money through the internet. One of my goals is to receive money online and have a steady commission. I have several ideas on projects to do online (writing projects), but none are showing any amount of income. I have one more project, this may be the biggest project, but it won't come out until the summer. Depending on how that works will decide on what I do next. I would love to make a website and sell things, but there is a problem with that. One, I don't have anything to sell. Two, I don't want to spend the money for the site and cart to take orders online if I am not getting any money.

One of my weaknesses is products. When I have a crave for some item, like a Smartcover for my iPad, I want to get it. When I want a particular cover for my iPhone, I want it. With the new iPad coming out, I feel like I want it to stay up to date, but I know that I don't need it. In the future, I would love to get a Macbook Air or an iMac, but if I am not getting any online income, there is no need.

The main thing here is to stay focused. Not only do I need to stay focused, but others should stay focused as well. There is always a time when people get stressed and have huge decisions to make, but once they are made and once it passes, people will have time to settle down. I just need some advice and help as I would love to hear from others.