Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alex's Assumptions Live- PPV Talk

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keep on Rolling

I have always been a person to expand and be innovative. I always think that I am wasting my time if I am just sitting around. I know time is precious and you should use every hour, minute and second you have. I have done that for years now. When I had my online fantasy wrestling company, TFC, The Fan's Company, I poured in hours, days, and months....even years into that "company." I am proud of the results though. I am proud because I worked hard to get those results. I ended that "company" because of a multitude of reasons that I discussed before. I had a lot of free time after ending that. That time was needed though with school and work. I moved on to another level of my education and I balanced work out. I found a great schedule to have where I can have my classes, work, and time for my other activities. Those activities are expanding like wildfire though. Most of you know that I write for It is something that I am proud of and I love it there. I have been writing for them for over a year and a half now. While I have been writing for them, I started different websites. I started "A-B App Reviews" where I would write reviews for apps for your phone and iPad. I also started "OFWC".....Online Fantasy Wrestling Company and that was where dream matches took place in the wrestling world. I actually had some great views from that site and would do more of that, but I just haven't gotten in the mood. I tried to start the "Fantasy Wrestling Game" but I saw lackluster results with people signing up, so I basically pulled the plug off that. I am transitioning into another field though.....talking! I did a few podcasts last year but I left that in the dust. I started the podcast "Alex's Assumptions" back up this year and I actually liked the results I got from the episodes I did. I found out that I actually like talking rather than writing. I mean, interviewing Kurt Angle is a perfect example! I am a good ad-lib person, so I could easily ramble on. I researched doing a live online show and my research was successful. I did my first "Alex's Assumptions Live" last week and I liked how it turned out for the first episode. I plan on doing more and I am actually setting one up for this coming weekend, Saturday, August 8th. Besides that, I am working on about 3 different projects right now. Each are in production. Some join in together, but it shall be really interesting. I can't wait to reveal some of the projects I have coming up. I am curious as to where they go and what comes out of them. I am excited to transfer most of my writing projects into talking and creating projects. I had many creative booms in my life; however, this current expansion may be the best and funniest one for me personally. I hope all of you come and join me! It going to be a great ride!