Saturday, September 17, 2011

Computer: My Story

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, or even know me in person, you probably know all about my computer problem! If you don't, I will give you a terse story about it!

I got a Dell laptop three years ago. It was a very expensive laptop. When I got it, I thought it was the best computer on Earth! The specialist who we ordered it from said that it would last well over 5 years. He said it will be great up to 8 years, actually. Well two years past, and the computer died. All you could do was turn it on and the screen would remain black. I had to go through stressful times with Dell in order to get it fixed. After it was fixed, a year later, the computer would start to shut off at random times. That actually happened throughout the entire year ever since I got it first the first time. I couldn't take it anymore and called Dell. This time, they wanted me to send it in. The problem is, I use my computer every day. I write for a popular website and they wanted my computer for around 10 days. You probably know how I was feeling! Ever since that incident, I told myself that I will not be around this computer anymore. I started looking around for a replacement. When I got back my Dell, it worked fine, but I told myself that it will be like this for now. My warranty was expiring and as soon as it would expire, the computer would go just like it did the first time. I sent it in during the Summer of this year. Well, in the spring of this year, I got myself the iPad 2! This was my first Apple product. I heard so much about Apple. It was both positive and negative, but the iPad 2 seemed so amazing, that I just needed to have it. Not only that, it would relief myself from using my Dell everyday. I got the iPad 2 and fell in love with it. No joke! I was becoming an Apple fanboy! When I sent my Dell in, I started to pay attention and research computer systems. I would research the processors and ram and everything. It led me to a MacBook Pro!

Now, my nefarious Dell didn't lead me to purchase a MacBook Pro, but it was a cause of both financial stability and some excitement in my life. I received my MacBook Pro this week. After having it for a few days, I have to say, it beats my Dell and every other computer that I have been on. I love it! From the huge trackpad, to the multi-touch gestures, to the backlit keyboard, to the unique dock and screen set-up. Not only does it have the most up-to-date processor, but I increased the ram as it runs as smooth as butter! Picture this: my Dell laptop had 2 gig of ram. At the time, it seemed like it was good, but now it seems horrible. My MacBook Pro has 8 gig of ram! You can clearly see the difference! What a difference it makes too! Another thing that I love about the Pro is the design. My Dell laptop had a red front to it. I do have to say, I do like the red, BUT I absolutely love the Apple logo on the front of my Pro. I love when it lights up. This may seem weird, but seeing the Apple logo light up is orgasmic! ANYWAY, my Dell was less than 2 inches thick! My MacBook Pro is less than an inch thick! It's also smooth on each side and edge. It's quite a site to see! This is my first time I am typing on the Pro for a lengthy blog, and I have to say the fingers just flow evenly and fluently over the keys without any problem at all.

While the MacBook Pro is quite expensive, I do have to say.....if you have the financial stability and are looking for a computer, I would recommend everyone to get one! It's worth it, no doubt in my mind! I got my iPad 2 and it was totally worth t! After getting this Pro, I have turned into "Apple 4 Life" guy. I will continue to be on my MacBook Pro now and for years to come while my Dell laptop will forever be jealous!

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