Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lonesome Dairy Explanation

I posted this picture awhile back. When I was exposed to this (milk crates and two half gallon milks), a scene came to my mind. This scene was a painting or some type of artwork. While people paint artwork, I like to express artwork through that are taken by me from the environment that is around me. I saw this "statue" and I captured the moment. While seeing it, I just don't think of two milk crates and two half gallon milks. I think of it as a lot more. While some may not have analyzed it as I did, I am here to tell everyone the meaning behind this!

First off, I want to explain the title. As it is pretty obvious to see, the two milk crates (stacked on each other) is in the middle of land. Now, normally there is milk surrounding it, but there's none this time. It's two milk crates standard in the middle of the nowhere. They are all alone. Everyone knows how it is to be around people, but they also know how it is when they are all alone....when there is no one else to be around/with. The crates are lonely.....they are lonesome dairy....but why?

The artwork as a whole goes even more in-depth. As the milk crates are far away from any interaction, the attention is focused on the two half gallons of milk. What does each symbolize? Could it symbolize two souls....two humans? Are they two souls that are forced to be in one crate? In fact, they are forced to be in one crate. They can't go anywhere. It's like souls trapped.....trapped in a cage.....or trapped in their own lives. Two living organisms are trapped.....they are forced to stay there. While each are around each other, the connection isn't there. As you can see, the half gallon on the left is turned away from the right one. There is no communication. The two aren't satisfied with one another....even themselves. They have to stay by one another while they don't want to. Even worse, their souls are trapped. Their souls is surrounded by the crate. The crate won't let anything in or out. The two have to live their lives the way they are. While they want to change their souls, they cannot. Their souls are trapped by the cage....the cage of life. The souls may want to change for the better, but with them being trapped by their lives, they will never change. Even if they break free....break free for the better....there is no opportunity for them to change. Nothing is around them. The lonesome lives control the souls that are looking for a better style.

Two souls are trapped with each other. The two don't interact. They don't communicate. The souls want to escape the lives they are in. They want to free themselves from the skin and mold that they were formed in. But they can't. They are in lives that are lonely. They are in lives that are far away from any other. If the souls break away, they won't be able to go anywhere. They won't be able to change for the better. The lonely life traps their soul and they will never be able to change to the good!

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