Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrestlemania 28 Stardom

It has been one year and I can't believe it went that quick. I still remember last year's Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania 27, where The Rock was the guest host. I remember Triple H vs. The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred, No Disqualification Match. I remember The Miz vs. John Cena. Everyone thought The Rock would wrestle last year, but he was just the host. The very next night, he settled it and said he would wrestle the following year, which is this year, which is Wrestlemania 28. Since he announced that the day after Wrestlemania 27, I was anticipating the event since then. I did not care what happened throughout the year. I did not care what happened during the summer, fall, or winter. I just wanted to see Rock vs. Cena. Finally....The Rock has come wrestle at Wrestlemania!

With Wrestlemania being today, I am getting pumped. It's finally here! We will see Rock vs. Cena. It is one match that will happen only once! We seen only a couple of those type of matches. The only one I can remember is Rock vs. Hogan. I bet there are a few more, but that one sticks out. Speaking about Rock vs. Hogan, I honestly think that match was a bigger match back then than what Cena vs. Rock is now. It just makes sense with how HUGE Hogan was through the 80s and 90s. I watched that match and while there were a few mishaps, the energy from the fans was amazing and it set the whole match. It is a match that no one will forget. As far as Cena vs. Rock, that is also a match that no one will forget. You had Rock vs. Hogan in the 00s for people to remember. This (Cena vs. Rock) is in the 10s that people will remember. Here we go!

That is not the only reason why I am excited for Mania. This match was not announced last year, but since it was announced, I have been stoked. It is Triple H vs. Undertaker! Not only that, but it is in Hell in a Cell and Shawn Michaels is the guest referee! I like how Shawn is thrown into the mix, but hopefully he will not do something that will ruin the match. I would like a clean match that will go down in history without any controversy. The thing that sold me is "Hell in a Cell". I simply love that match. I have been a fan of the match since the first time I saw it. It is my kind of match! While I love the older Hell in a Cell matches as it was smaller and a lot more unpredictable, this match sets that unpredictable barrier. The recent ones in the WWE over the past couple of years haven't been that amazing. I expect this match to be the opposite. It should go down as history. This is also once in a lifetime match. Never before did we see Taker vs. HHH in HIAC and we won't see it again. These two transcended the match. These two made the match dangerous. Honestly, when I think of HIAC, I think of HHH, Taker, and Shawn. Triple H fought some brutal and amazing matches against Chris Jericho and Cactus Jack while Taker fought Mankind and Shawn Michaels. Shawn and Taker set the very first HIAC match and that is one match I personally enjoyed and is in my overall favorites. You can throw Mankind into the mix of the names, but we can skip over that. I am not here to predict matches as I just want to discuss each of the main matches. I will surely post my predictions of the match on my Twitter as the day, April 1st, goes along.

The third match that I am excited for (and probably everyone else in this order) is Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk. I would love to see these to face each other and I have been saying that in 2011 and it is finally going to happen, and better yet, it is going to be for the WWE Title. Both of them claim to be the best in the world. While I disagree with both of them, it is a statement that Chris Jericho started and I promoted. Every time Chris would show up on television back in 2010, I would say his phrases with him (best in the world at what I do; hypocritical parasitic tapeworm). CM Punk adopted the phrase "BITWAWID (best in the world at what I do) and stuck with it. Jericho is back and it completely makes sense on why they are fighting. That combined with excellent mic work leads to an interesting match. I know we will see more of Jericho vs. Punk, but it is the very first time and it is at Wrestlemania, so you know they are going to give it everything. I have been a huge fan of Punk when he had the Straight Edge Society. I become a fan of Punk again during the summer of last year when he did his "pipe bomb" speech. He has died down since then. I honestly do not know who to root for. It will be difficult, but I actually think I know who I am sticking with!

Wrestlemania 28 is filled with stuff that never happened before and stuff that will never happen again! The Rock vs. Cena - Both need this win to prove prove who is really the best and who is bigger and better. Triple H vs. Undertaker - Triple H has everything to lose from losing the franchise Undertaker to losing his dignity. He is putting everything on the line to go against Undertaker one more time. Undertaker's undefeated streak can end faster than we know it. His undefeated streak can end quick and sudden. He needs to show everyone that no one can beat him at Wrestlemania and to prove that he is truly the deadman and unstoppable force at Wrestlemania! Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk - Both want to show why they are the best in the world, but only one can claim that phrase and only one can claim the WWE Title.

These stars will battle it out in, what I think, is the best Wrestlemania card in history! Everyone, sit back, watch, enjoy, and do not miss a beat! Wrestlemania 28 will be one of the historic moments/shows in the history of wrestling!

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