Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stardom from Sharpness - Edge!

The word edge can be used in a variety of ways describing a variety of things.  People say, "He's on the edge," or they say, "Watch the edge of the table."  The word edge is described as a border or corner, a thin sharp side of the blade, or an improved position or advantage.  The word edge has many definitions and can be looked at in different ways, but there's only one WWE Superstar Edge and he isn't just a word!

The Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist, The Master Manipulator, and Mr. Money in the Bank can only describe one person.  That one person has a sharpness of a shark and was always on the border line, or edge (pun intended), of sanity and insanity and that is Edge!  Edge accomplished nearly everything in the WWE.  Yes, he didn't win every single title in the WWE, but no one can.  He could never win the Cruiserweight Title simply because he wasn't small enough.  He has done nearly everything- one almost every title and faced in almost every match!  Who would have thought Edge would have held the most championships in WWE history?  I didn't and certainly he didn't!

Even though I never watched Edge's entire career unfold or even was a fan of his work his entire career, that doesn't mean that I never fully appreciated him.  I became an Edgehead in 2008.  The month and day cannot be remembered, that that is truly irrelevant.  That year was a huge transition for me in the wrestling world.  I was always a babyface fan for life.  I never liked the heels and their tactics.  That changed though.  In 2008, you can say i went to the dark side.  I became a heel fan and never looked back.  That brings me back to Edge.  In 2008, Edge was one of the biggest heels in the company.  Edge was in a relationship with Vickie Guerrero.  During their time together, I was still that babyface fan.  It was up until Triple H showed that Edge cheated on Vickie that I turned.  When Vickie announced The Undertaker vs. Edge in Hell in a Cell at Summerslam is when I became a full Edge fan.  Edge lost that match and took a break for awhile.  Yes, I was upset.  As soon as I became a fan, he has to leave for a couple months.  He came back though and everything was fine.

Edge then went on to face more people and win more titles.  I truly believe that Smackdown was Edge's show.  He went over there and, lack of a better word, ran through it.  He then hit a brick wall in his career.  He was running so fast, he didn't look up to see what was in front of him.  SMACK.....he fell down.  He had a career threatening injury.  This injury would have stopped any normal person from coming back.  Edge isn't normal.  He pushed his way through.  He lost months off of his career, but he came back from one of the hardest injuries to come back from.  Edge was at the top once again.  He then went to Raw in the 2010 draft.  He was there for a short while, but moved back to his show where he won another title.  While Edge may get knocked down, he always gets back up.

Edge had so many huge sections in his career.  Some may like one more than the other, but when it comes down to it, Edge successfully carried the tasks at hand.  He had a gimmick/character and he ran with it.  When he was called The Rated R Superstar, he truly did stuff to earn that name.  Personally, I loved Edge in that era.  I was not a fan of Edge then, but looking back, he was simply amazing.  His heel character was so successful; he actually made me boo him.  Edge's La Familia was a huge part of my wrestling life as I found the one person that I honestly liked.

I remember years ago, and I mean years grand-mother would go to this flea market where I live.  It was held every Sunday, but we didn't go every week.  They always had a lot of wrestling venues, so I was always thrilled to pick up whatever wrestling merchandise I didn't have.  One of the venue owner's asked me who my favorite wrestler was.  I blanked out.  I really couldn't answer it.  I then said The Undertaker.  He gave me an Undertaker card and then a Kane card because, well if you liked Taker at the time, you liked Kane as they were a tag team.  I still have those cards to this day.  I now know how to answer that question without blanking out.  I would answer that question in a heartbeat.  My favorite wrestler is Edge.  Edge, without a doubt, no questions asked, is my favorite.

Edge- he done it all.....won it all.  Edge went out and entertained us every single time.  He tried his very best and he exceeded.  He put on amazing, classic matches.  He faced the very best.....faced the veterans and classic stars.....while also facing and helping stars grow for the future.  Edge was once the biggest thing WWE had.  Edge, day in and day out, every second, minute, hour.....always.....reeks of awesomeness!

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