Saturday, January 15, 2011

Turn Around

As my readers may know, I use to own the biggest online fantasy wrestling company on the internet.  It was called TFC and it stood for The Fan's Company.  It reached across WWE's site  It also had it's own website.  It had it's own blogspot page.  Not only that, it had it's own Twitter and it's own chatbox.  TFC had it all.  I shut it down as 2010's Summer ended.  I seriously didn't miss it at first.  I was relieved that I ended it's reign.  After months went by, I did want to write.  I had that craving to write again.  I wanted to think and make up shows.  I wanted to type them and have readers read and follow the shows.  I still had the following, so if I did start it up again, I know people would come back.  But was about to end.  So I decided to open TFC's forums one last time.  I closed them when I ended TFC.  I was shocked by the results!  People from all over wrote on TFC's forums.  I was actually surprised by some of the people writing.  I mean I heard from some people I never thought I would hear from again and they weren't in TFC in it's final months.  It easily got over 100 posts in just a short amount of time.  Loved the interaction.

I then felt that I should bring TFC up one more time since I know people are back into the addiction.  I was pondering on the idea, but something else came along. wrote that they are looking for writers.  It's a wrestling site that I have been reading for years.  I submitted an application.  Out of hundreds or thousands of applies, I was one of the seven that got contacted.  After some confusion and not getting back to them in time, I still got an opportunity.  One of my many goals was to write for a major wrestling website.  I always wanted to write for them.  I GOT THE JOB!  I am now a Wrestling News World writer and I couldn't be happier.  I love writing for them.  I now got their premium package.  It's great.  It's what I have been waiting for.

While TFC took up a lot of my time and I wanted to get back into writing, there is no need to bring back something that is already down and out.  I brought something else alive and that is my coverage on Wrestling News World.  The site gets over 30,000 views a day, so you can't complain at all.  TFC would just have to wait, as I found something, hate to say it,........bigger!

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