Monday, July 18, 2011

The Hyped-Up Mess

CM Punk vs. John Cena at Money in the Bank. Some are saying that it was a classic, 5 star match. Some simply loved it. Some are talking about it nonstop. Well I did watch the match and I have to disagree with them. Some say it was one of the top matches in years......but the some is not me and I can tell you exactly why.

One reason why this match is overly talked about can be described in one word.....botch! I found countless times where the moves from either Cena or Punk did not connect at all. I am not saying that punk can't hit a target, I am saying that both messed up quite a bit.  There were some punches and some other big moves that just didn't work out in their favor. I don't want to take anything away from Punk as he is one of my favorites, but you can't deny the truth.

Another reason why I think this match is overly talked about is how boring the match was, plain and simple.  I was expecting the match to have some huge moves from Cena himself since he barely puts on any big time moves. The only good moves we saw was from Punk and that was the suicide dive and the sunset flip power bomb (Even that was a botch).  Besides talking about big time moves, the match itself was boring. The whole beginning and middle was just dragging along. Yes, they had some match wrestling there, but come on, don't waste time doing simple armlocks.  Actually, I left the room during the match. It was just plain boring. It was about 2/3 into the match that it actually picked up. It had to be after the third Attitude Adjustment, which was pretty close to the ending. There were times where I thought the match was going to end, but it did not. It was when McMahon came out that really caught my attention. Who would have guessed?! The owner of the company I keep criticizing actually made the match interesting.  When he motioned for the bell, I was thinking "Not enough Montreal incident". To my dismay, Cena saved the match, which is really surprising. What is that, the second save of the night?! First Vince and then Cena! So Cena got back in the ring and Punk hit the GTS and got the win!

Was I surprised? Yes! Was it shocking? Yes! Was it logical? No! I knew when Punk came to the ring that something was up. I mean he came out with a new shirt. WWE never makes a new shirt for someone when they are leaving. Some will counter and say Edge or Shawn Michaels. Please! They were retiring! With Punk winning, there is nothing logical about this scenario. They say Cena is fired. How many times do they have to do that? I mean they did it last year. We know Cena is not fired, so stop trying to fool us. Don't insult my intelligence, WWE. Second, I know you will never allow someone who is leaving the company take the title. Yes, they have the 90 day clause, but it doesn't matter. The title is still the title. Since Punk won the title, we can conclude that he is staying with the company. I don't mind having the whole "Punk is leaving and if he wins, he will take the title". He was about to leave, plain and simple. The problem is the whole Cena being fired angle!

Lastly, I read some people talking about how that match is what wrestling is all about. Really? Seriously? I can not tell you how ashamed I am because they said that. If they want wrestling matches in the WWE, then they can talk about Shawn vs. Taker. They can talk about Angle vs. Brock.  If they truly want to talk about wrestling, then they should be talking about TNA's last PPV, Destination X! That is where the wrestling was. That was nonstop, amazing, back and forth action. That is what I am talking about!  Sure, some people do like different styles of wrestling, but if you are saying that the Punk/Cena match is what wrestling is all about, then that is stating a fact, not your opinion.

Was the match good? Sure. Was the match the best in years? No! Both Cena and Punk gave it their best. I give both of them credit where it is due. It probably won't be the last time we see the match. The match was average. On the bright side, Cena lost! The PPV was named, Money in the Bank. That is where I kept my the bank!

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