Sunday, July 24, 2011

WWE: Where Is The Logic?

I would like to give everyone an update on my status with the WWE. I want to go back to Money in the Bank PPV. Yes, I did watch the PPV. I am not saying that I paid the WWE. I am saying that I watched the PPV. Now to Monday. Raw, I did not watch the show. I had it on for about 45 minutes. I fell asleep for the last 15 minutes. Yes, I fell asleep. I rarely fall asleep during a wrestling show. When I fall asleep, you know exactly how the show is. I did catch the results online though, and I will get to that a little later. Now onto Friday night Smackdown. I barely watched the show. I turned it on and saw Christian and I just turned it off. I did see the part where they replayed the whole part with Triple H/Vince McMahon from Raw, but I will explain that later. So this week, I barely watched any WWE television.

While I said I barely watched Raw, that doesn't mean I can't write about it. Why? Because this day and age, you don't need to watch WWE programming to write about it. I read the results and the spoilers for Smackdown, so I can easily write about it. I will be writing about Raw though as I ask the WWE, "Where is the logic?"

The first thing I want to start to talk about is the whole tournament. Now Vince McMahon comes out and explains that there will be a tournament to crown the new WWE Champion. Now just wait a second. How in the world can they crown a new champion if the WWE title is not in the company? As you may know, CM Punk vs. John Cena was for the WWE Title. CM Punk won and he got the title. That was said to be his last match and his last show in the WWE as he was leaving the company. He left with the title. So WWE, how can you have a tournament to crown a champion if you don't have the title? Yes you can make a new title, but what about the old title? It's still floating around there. It will be and that will be the title. You just can't create a new one and forget the old one. CM Punk left with the title, so how can the WWE just forget about that?

One quick thing I want to mention is the tournament and the star in it. The star is named Alberto Del Rio. He is the winner of the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase. That briefcase is for a title show whenever he wants it. Now tell me, how can he be in a tournament if he can have a shot whenever he wants? I am not so mad about him being in the tournament, but more mad of how he was treated in the tournament. Alberto lost. Being a briefcase winner, WWE should be focusing on him. WWE should be building him up to the main event scene. Yes he was there before, but he quickly fell. Now he has a chance to be at the top again, and this time he should stay at the top. If WWE wants him to be a huge future star, they need to start building. Don't waste any time. What do they do? They make him loose. That just hurts him and the briefcase himself. There are plenty of other WWE stars to put in the tournament. Put someone in who hasn't got air time or match time in awhile. I know quite a few people. Instead of WWE using someone new and see how they do, they use Alberto and burry him.

Not only do they mess up with tournament there, but they cancel it until next week. What is that WWE? That is just like saying, "Hey, let's just move the WWE Title match next week because the title doesn't mean anything anyway. Hell, the title isn't even suppose to be in the company, but let's have a tournament for it. Let's just do whatever with the tournament as who cares about the title." I remember when the title meant everything. I remember it was huge to be named WWE Champion. People dreamt of being WWE Champion. Now, it's nothing special. It doesn't mean anything anymore.

Lastly, the whole McMahon/Triple H scenario is out there. So Vince comes down and then Triple H and Triple H says that Vince isn't the owner anymore. Triple H says he is the owner. Here is where that is wrong. First off, that is not logical. That is not real. If it was real, WWE would have a press conference about it. Not only isn't it fake, but it could affect WWE's stock in the New York Stock Exchange. WWE just doesn't know the results of their stories. Not only that, I don't get why WWE goes and changes the owner while they still have the Raw GM be a computer. Why WWE would go so far and make a new owner is beyond me. We do know that Triple H will be the owner of WWE once Vince leaves, but I know that Vince isn't leaving anytime soon. How do I know? Well he did an interview on some news station a couple weeks ago. He talked about leaving and he said he will leave when he knows he can't do it anymore. He did say that he thinks he still has it. That is not going to change in a couple weeks. If it's a transition for Triple H to become owner, then it's a good transition. I just know that won't happen for awhile.

When I was watching Smackdown with a family member, the McMahon/Triple H from Raw video aired. Now the family member never watches wrestling. Usually though, when some segment from wrestling comes on, you want them to be hooked. You want them to watch the next week and week after that. Well they saw the video from what happened on Raw and they said it was dumb. I know they won't be watching it next week. What does that say? The scenario can't draw in someone who usually doesn't watch it. They didn't find it interesting. Not only that, they probably can tell it's not real.

WWE creative doesn't know how to book logical stories. Did some find it interesting....sure....but was it! WWE may have excited some people with it, but only time will tell. Some ask what I would do differently. Well.....

I would book the WWE as follows:

I will have Vince McMahon himself come on camera for Raw. As he would come on, he will not set up any tournament. He will plead for CM Punk to come back. He would then explain that he will send people out to try to retrieve the title from Punk. As he is talking, Triple H would then come out. He will tell Vince that he doesn't have it anymore. He will tell Vince that he hasn't been doing anything to give the fans what they want. He would blame Vince for the terrible slump Raw and the whole WWE is in. He will then go on and talk about the whole Raw GM scenario. Vince would get furious. Triple H would talk about how it's a huge mistake and a bad idea as Vince McMahon thought of it himself. Vince would get more angered. Triple H says he can do better. Vince can't take it anymore and he reveals the GM. The Raw GM is......HIMSELF! Triple H would then go on to blame Vince for loosing the title, loosing some huge stars in the WWE, and completely going blind with the booking of the WWE. Vince asks Triple H if he can do any better, and Triple H says he can. Vince can't take it anymore. Vince makes Triple H the Raw GM for a couple weeks/months. If Triple H can't get done with what he wants to accomplish, he will take bad Triple H's GM position. Triple H that he will get the title back and other things as he knows what to do. (We all know Punk really isn't going to leave the company).

I am not the booker or creative writer for WWE though. While we will see something else on television, we won't be seeing any of that!

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