Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Computer: My Story Part 2

If you follow me on Twitter or even read my tweets, you know that I was planning on writing a blog tonight. I had two topics to type about, but I am not sure how great the one topic will go over, so I decided to pick the other. After coming home, I turned on my MacBook Pro, which takes less than one minute to boot up, and I clicked on Safari. I have my home page set on the Apple site. As soon as it came up, I saw Steve Jobs' face. I was a bit surprised as I go on the Apple site everyday and I know they had the new iPhone 4S picture up. I clicked on his face, as every curious person would. I read what it stated and I was completely dumbfounded and shocked. I was stunned. I did not know what to think. I know it is the Apple website, but as soon as you hear news like this, you can't believe it fully. So, I went on Twitter and there were all these trending topics about Apple and Steve. I ended my search on Yahoo and saw the article of Steve Jobs' death. I just had to read it. While the death comes to a surprise, it makes people reflect on Apple, Inc. as a whole. It makes you think of all of the inventions Apple came up with. Those inventions came directly from Steve Jobs. He was the revolutionist. He was the visionary. He was the man who changed the world. There are people in history that has changed the world. You can name people that represent evil and good, but Steve Jobs is the man who changed the world for the better. He was the ultimate businessman. He was the ultimate inventionist (Doubt that is a word but I am making it a word). Steve Jobs, this era's Renaissance Man, is truly an inspiration, a mentor, and one of my idols. May he rest in peace!

After sharing my thoughts about Steve, I want to go ahead and discuss my computer history. With my last blog getting some great reviews, I figured I will go more in-depth with my computer life. Besides, what better time than to praise, rave and support Apple?!

As most of you should know, I own a Dell laptop. While I still own it, it does not mean I still use it. You can read my last blog of how that came about. Part 2 is discussing the customer service of Dell. I had the laptop for two years. That is not long for a computer anymore. Well, I guess Dell thinks so. My laptop just crashed. I would hit the power button and a black screen would show. It would turn on, but nothing would appear. It was a disaster. So, I called Dell's Customer Service. That was one of the most chaotic, hectic, and one of the lousiest times I ever had while dealing with something technology related. I called Dell and there was this foreign guy who answered. I had to explain everything to him. Now, let me tell you.....this was my very first computer that was my you can probably guess that I was in a huge panic. Anyway, the customer service guy could barely speak English. I had to hit all these buttons for the tech guy to figure what was wrong with it. Trust me, there was a lot of "What did you say" in the conversation. He then made me take the computer apart and so on. It was bad. I sincerely got fed up. So, I had to get a family member to talk to them. Dell works things out to their advantage all the time. They said my warranty just expired. Weird how the warranty expired right before my laptop failed to operate. We purchased the warranty again so Dell could actually help us. Well, they have this bright idea to send some guy to our house. After hours of talking on the phone, this appointment was set up.

So, about a week later, this guy comes to our house. There was a whole situation on him arriving, but I will not go into that. I met this guy and I was on a tight schedule. I wanted my computer fixed. That's all I wanted. That's plain and simple. Well, this guy thinks he can tell his whole life story. He tells me about his different jobs, his past experiences, and he tells me a story about his one finger, which was missing skin on it. This guy was eccentric in every sense of the word. He put in new Ram and that didn't work. He then put in a new motherboard and I think that is what fixed it. Was it working perfectly again? NOPE! Every now and then, the computer would randomly shut off. Technically, he did not fix it at all.

There is another case where I dealt with Dell's customer service again, but I will save that for part 3.

The reason why I am telling this story is because I experienced Apple's customer service. It was for my iPad 2. While there was no problem with it, I was curious about something on the electronic. I contacted them and was I pleased! Oh, how I was pleased! They actually spoke fluent English. They actually cared. They actually were friendly and helped you out. That is another advantage Apple has toward their competition.

Stay tuned for Part 3. While I am a neophyte in computering, I know what company's products to reach out to: Apple!

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