Saturday, October 29, 2011

Support WNW!

There is one clear fact: I am a writer for! I am their weekly live coverage and result writer for TNA's Impact Wrestling! While I have been writing on the website for over 9 months, I knew the site for years! I am not going to go into detail about how I found and fell in love with the site. Why? Because you find all of that information in the "Get To Know" section on the website!

I do want to talk about though! I have been a fan of the site for years, which means I have been reading their content for years. I received their premium coverage this year, and it is well worth it! I am flat-out saying's worth it! The premium content has so much to offer on WNW! There is Richard's Backstage Blogs, Premium mailbags, Richard Reactions, and Backstage stories! Don't forget the WNW Weekly Newsletter! While the information that you get from the premium coverage is amazing, the overall site is outstanding. Two words describe that site when you have premium coverage: No Ads!!! The site runs twice as fast and nothing ever interrupts you while trying to navigate between article to article! It's a real treat! You don't have to ask me is the best online wrestling website!

If you want to support WNW and all it's glory, you must have a Twitter or FaceBook! If you want to support WNW, simply add its Twibbon:

If you want to add WNW's Twibbon on your FaceBook profile picture, click the link:

Add the logo to your Twitter....or FaceBook.....or BOTH! Support!

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