Monday, November 7, 2011

Make The Most

Take a deep breath.
Hold it.....
Release it!

Sit down, clear your mind, and ponder about life!

Life is filled with many things!
Things that are bad and things that are good and things in between!
Focus and think of the good!

Remember, the good always cancels the bad!

Think of your life and what you have!
Think about the little things!
Think of your friends, family, and the food that you eat!
Think of the luxuries you may take for granted like shelter, water, and forms of entertainment!

Somewhere in the world, someone misses those things!
Someone doesn't have friends or a family or even food to eat!
They can't enjoy the common things we use everyday!

Be happy, be thankful!
Enjoy the little things in life!
Make the most out of life!
Love your life!

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