Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eagerly Excited Early

It is hard to believe that Halloween was less than two weeks ago. Actually, it is not that hard to believe, but rather shocking that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!

In fact, it was not too long ago when summer was here. I remember that pretty well. I had the summer off from school. I would do my usual persistent agenda each day. Come on now, not all days were the same as others! Anyway, the summer past quickly as it seemed like the end when school started. Ever since, time has been flying by. It changed to fall and the leaves started to change. I never have a problem with fall. I love seeing the changes of the leaves. Not only that, you can feel the difference in the season when you are walking. The air is not only cooler, but you can just feel and smell the fall season. The season reminds me of pumpkins, leaves crackling, and Halloween! As I stated earlier, Halloween past less than two weeks ago! It was a good Halloween. Now that pasted, it is time to move into Thanksgiving!

To me, Thanksgiving is not just about the food. It’s about the family time. It’s about sitting down with loved ones and spending time with them. It’s about being thankful for what you have in the world today. Like always, you should cherish everything you have! Honestly though, it seems like Thanksgiving is rolling right past this year. How is that so? Well, right after Halloween, stores all over decorated for Christmas. It always happens though. Another reason is the sale of Christmas goodies like eggnog. They usually sell it this time of year, but I notice more now than ever before. The weather does not help the situation as we had about two snow events here already. They weren’t big ones at all, but snow did lay on some spots and it did create the Christmas atmosphere. Finally, it is the music! I found myself listening to Christmas music every now and then. I NEVER listened to it this early.....but this year changed that. I don’t know why.....maybe it’s because I notice a lot more stuff earlier.....or that I just got in the mood.....or something else.

I always go shopping the day before Thanksgiving, which is a real treat as no one is out as they are preparing last minute meals. While I go out the day before, I also go out the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday. I wrote my experience about Black Friday last year, and I am sure I will write about it this year. I am looking forward to those shopping days. It’s pretty weird as.....I am skipping right over Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving, but I am thinking about the shopping and deals and the big crowd rush that I love. In my mind, Christmas is coming, but it’s not for awhile. The feeling of Christmas is here though.

I told myself that I want to take one holiday at a time....first Halloween then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. It seems like I am rushing myself. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, but I will be a festive Christmas character this year as I am already getting in the mood. I will be jolly and happy.....but not the jolly fat, white beard guy.

Take one holiday at a time, I say.....but I am eagerly excited early!

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