Monday, October 29, 2012

New Twitter Account

I am not sure how many people follow Kurt Angle, but I want to help. If you follow him on Twitter and talked to him before, you may have realized that he had someone helping him give him news and people to talk to on there. That account was called "AngleHelper." It was actually like a fan page of Kurt. It was great. Well, the owner of the account had to let it go. The account has been deactivated. I saw an opportunity. I saw something that I can fill in for. Ever since I interviewed Kurt back in August, him and I talk back and forth. It's a great relationship and I am glad I have it. Since I know Kurt and have been a fan of him for my entire wrestling career as well as him being an inspiration to me...why couldn't I do it? The account is in full swing now!

The account is: @realAngleHelper

I am happy with the account and I love seeing it grow. I am giving Kurt and all of the Twitter friends updates. I retweet tweets about Kurt as well as inform everyone on Kurt's businesses, movies, and his wrestling career. Kurt Angle and his wife follow the account. I love to be interactive with others. Follow the account on Twitter and retweet and mention it. I hope to hear from you!

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