Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alex's Assumptions invades Facebook

Most people know I am a business type of guy.  I love business.  I love being able to pitch and sell things as well as market and advertise.  That is my kind of fun!

Most people also know that I am a wrestling junky.  I eat, sleep, and breathe wrestling.  Okay, maybe not exactly, but I am a fan.  While I am a fan, I also like to express my opinion.  In fact, I am being known as the person who says/types what I want.  I am not afraid.  If you disagree, I encourage you to express yours.  I always wanted to bring both of them together.  I have done it in the past and I am doing it once more through Alex's Assumptions!

Alex's Assumptions is a pretty interesting story.  I am a writer for a wrestling website,  If you haven't checked it out yet, DO SO!  It's great!  Anyway, I wrote results to shows and news stories, but really never gave my thoughts on it.  That is the kind of person I am though.  I love writing/saying what I think.  So, I created Alex's Assumptions.  I always like catchy things that people remember.  The AA is or Busy Beaver or any letter twice is clever, in my book.  So I went with the name.  I added it to the show results on my articles and I have seen people read it and write back about it.  Some agree and some disagree, but they were reading it.  Some people were liking my opinion so much, they praised me.  I love hearing feedback.  Positive feedback is even better!

I continued to expand the idea through an online talk show.  It really didn't work out because I simply didn't have the time, but I would love to do more shows.  I then expanded my wings on Twitter.  I had my main Twitter account where I would post everything and anything.  I come to realize that I have people who like my wrestling tweets and others like my non-wrestling tweets.  I thought, "Why not split it up?"  That's what I did.  I had Alex's Assumptions expand on Twitter.  Since its existence, I am thrilled with the amount of tweets I get back plus retweets and favorites.  The followers may not the at a high right now, but the results I get back are amazing.  Now, I decided to expand it even more.  Why not take over Facebook?  That is what I just did!

I have decided to treat this as a brand.  It's not just my thoughts and ideas.  It's much more.  It's seeing the world differently.  It what should be done.  It's a type of brand that no one can duplicate!

My ideas and thoughts about anything really come from my head and heart.  I am not trying to be the best guy around here or the baddest guy in town.  I just love expressing my opinion.  It may get people angry, but it also makes people glad.  I am not afraid of what I say.  I hope people read it.  I want people to see the other side of things.  That is the main thing.  I want people to open their eyes and see a different idea and world.  It's amazing what people miss.  Don't be afraid to open your mouth or your keyboard and type what you really think.  It's great to think differently!

Please like Alex's Assumptions on Facebook!  Click here and share it!  Thanks everyone!

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