Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rocky Horror VIDEO Show?

Can you make the reference?  The title is Rocky Horror VIDEO Show.  The movie that I am actually referring to is Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Why did I put video?  Well scroll down this page and you will see the video of the week.  The video of the week is a clip from the movie.  I am not showing a picture of the video, as the movie title says, but showing a video clip from the movie......hence why I called it "video".

To further elaborate......this is one of my favorite movies.  Rocky Horror Picture show is nothing but a strange and eccentric movie.  This couple gets a flat tire while they are driving.  They are stranded, but see a mansion type house.  They walk in and that's where the strange takes place.  These two meet some crazy people.  Personally, I am in for the crazy people.  Some may stick up for the couple, I don't know who would or why they would be sticking up for them, but I personally go for the crazy ones.  In the clip below, they sing their iconic song "Time Warp"!  It's a great tune.  It involves dancing and's a great entertainment piece.

I got some other clips from the movie that I may show at other times when I want to talk about the movie.  If you haven't seen the movie.....I recommend you to go and watch it.  Rent it or buy it or search for it on your television set.  If you did see it, then I recommend you to see it again.  Finally, I recommend EVERYONE to watch the clip!  Let's do the time warp again!

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