Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday A Must

Personally, I love Thanksgiving.  I mean you have the food, the warmth inside your house, and the football.  Not only that, you don't have any work or school.  It's my kind of day.  While I love Thanksgiving.....I really, really, really, really really like Black Friday.  Actually, I am considering Black Friday to be a holiday.  What other day do you see so many people out shopping?  I want to get up at 3 or 4 am on a Black Friday.  I want to be at the store by 5 am and shop around.  I know I must sound insane, but that's what I want to do.  I want to be right in the middle of the excitement.  To me, the chaos and the hectic scenery is my enjoyment.  Of course I will buy something, hopefully it will be a great deal.  I usually don't like crowded places and having people up your back when you are looking around in stores, but this is an exception.  Seeing all the people, I know people are still buying.

I went out Black Friday shopping this year, like I have been doing every year.  I go around noon or little after.  The deals are over at that time, but it doesn't stop me or others.  I seen stores that aren't usually busy be busy.  I love seeing that.  It shows that no matter what store it is......people will go inside any store to see what they have.  The stores that usually don't have a lot of customers, had a lot.  The ones that usually have a lot of customers, had an extreme amount of people.  Those are the big businesses of America.  Those are the Targets and Walmarts.  Those are the national chain stores.  While big business does amazing on Black Friday, the smaller business do great.  I love the hype!

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