Saturday, November 20, 2010

Excellent Eighties (80s)

If you know me either from Twitter or everyday life, you should know that I am a huge 80s fan, and if you don't know me, then visa versa.  I am fan of the 80s year.  From 1981 to 1989.  I am not sure if the word "fan" is appropriate to describe myself, but I will stick with it.  There are multiple reasons why I love the 80s era.  Now I know this is 2010 and times surely did change from the 80s to now, but I really don't care.  If it was my choice, I would have the whole world go back to how things were in the 80s.  In fact, I want to go back in time myself and just see what it was like then.

As I was saying, I am a huge 80s fan for a number of reasons.  The reasons range from style, music, and just how things were back then.  I realize that some of the 80s style/fashion is pretty outrageous, but there are some that I actually am fond of.  One thing I like is the famous mullet haircut.  There are certain type of mullets that are incredibly ugly, being plain and simple there, but there are others that actually aren't bad.  You just need the hair shoulder length with nothing shaved off.  To clarify, there are some styles that have the sides of the head shaved.  That is not a good mullet at all in my eyes.

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Jean jackets and leather jackets are great from the 80s.  I am actually on search for a leather jacket.  I had my fair share of jean jackets in my past, but it doesn't hurt to get another.  That's an 80s style that will never die.

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I also like the gold glasses that were popular in the 80s.  I am not talking about the big lenses that cover your face (sunglasses are the exception), but I am talking about the bold frames.  I surely hope you know what I am talking about.  Some people call those nerd glasses, but I refer to them as having a big lenses too.  The bold frames with regular lenses fit in great!

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I can talk about other styles from the 80s, but I want to move on to the music!

I love 80s music.  I can listen to 80s music every day....every hour of the day......every minute of the day.....every second of the day.  In fact, I am listening to 80s music right now as I am typing this.  It's "Easy Lover" by Philip Bailey / Phil Collins.  Good tune!  I really can't stand today's society of music.  Most of it is pure dribble in my opinion.  You got the music from The Bangles, Michael Jackson, Men Without Hats, Cars, Duran Duran, and Men at Work just to name a few.  You have Gary Numan singing Cars.  You have Manic Monday by The Bangles.  There is such a variety of music.  You got the upbeat to the low beat.  You got the slow to the fast pace.  To keep you updated on my music listening, the song has changed to "La Bamba" from Los Lobos which was released in 1987.  You may see me refer to some 80s references throughout my page and blogs to come.  I will be posting some 80s pictures, music, and videos on here.  Stay tuned.  This message will self-destruct.

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