Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turning Time

I would first like to give a little insight on this blog page.  As you can see, it's called Miscellaneous Mumble.  I will be posting some updates that I think is worth writing about.  It will just be coming from my everyday life, otherwise known as miscellaneous.

Our battle came to an all new high today.  It looks like they are still doing their childish fighting over a website.  The problem with social networks today is that it gets people in too much trouble.  Some people take things the wrong way and a full out brawl happens.  Their just websites.  They didn't have those things back in "your" day, so why are you keep talking about the site?  Well I got my revenge today.  Did a little thing here and there.  Didn't suspect a thing.  Am I glad I did it?  Oh yeah.  It's time that their luck to run out.  It's time for that dark rain cloud to follow them.  I will be turning their time faster than a clock does.

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